Our audience is women and their friends who have no or limited programming experience. This event is welcoming and respectful of trans women. Men are welcome as guests of women who are attending.

The next Boston Python Workshop will run in the fall of 2013. When sign-ups open, we'll announce it on the Boston Python list. So:

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Event structure

The Boston Python Workshop is a 1.5 day project-driven workshop. It consists of two components:

At the end of the workshop, we invite all attendees to Boston Python's monthly project night, where you can continue practicing and learning. Attendees also receive invitations to Boston Python's monthly lecture-style events.


These are free events staffed by volunteers from the local programming and open source communities. We work closely with the Boston Python user group. The event is part of the OpenHatch event series.

You can join us! If you want to help beginning programmers—even if you're not yet an experienced programmer—email our staff list: bpw-staff@lists.openhatch.org.

In photos

The Boston Python Workshop photo stream contains tons more photos from the events.

Past events

You can read about our previous events and browse curricula and photos from the archive page within our wiki.