You can do diversity outreach

Python programming user groups are often overwhelmingly male. The success of our Workshop shows that you can change this.

We believe our success hinges on:

You can read more of the lessons we have learned in an article at Geek Feminism.

We love helping other efforts grow, as you can see from our past collaborations!

Use our materials

We encourage you to re-use the workshop's teaching materials. Our laptop setup instructions are battle-tested instructions for installing Python on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Our lecture material introduces basic concepts, and our projects provide hands-on learning. The material is available for re-use under the Creative Commons by-sa license.

To find the materials, go to our event archives and find the most recent workshop. Each workshop links to the materials we used.

Get in touch

Every programming community is different. We'd love to help you bring our success to your part of the world.

If you want to start a workshop like this in your city, join the OpenHatch Events mailing list and say hello!